Luxury Serviced Apartments in Singapore Marina Bay

Luxury serviced apartments SingaporeIntroduction

Serviced apartments are luxurious fully furnished apartments (five stars) that are waterfront facing in the lively CBD of Marina Bay and also Raffles Place. Luxury serviced apartments Singapore take care of long term visits for guests. These apartments’ housing is the most preferred option for expatriates staying for a long time. The apartments are furnished (fully) and they offer comfort like no other and absolute luxury, which makes many of our clients very happy and satisfied.

In the serviced apartments Singapore, you will enjoy access to the facilities we offer or take a walk along the spectacular Marina Bay which faces the waterfront.

Business executives will have the benefit of convenience, relief and rest in the amenities provided by these apartments and the facilities available, which include a mall at the basement (shopping mall).

Apartment features

Serviced apartments Singapore, one and two bedroom apartments, have spacious dining and living rooms and also the bedrooms. Each apartment has a cum …

How to Start Planning A Trip to Bhutan

bhutanLike they say, a trip to Bhutan is a life time opportunity. Bhutan is a small country in Himalayas. Its worldly renown thanks to its famous Tiger’s Nest destination. From a aerial view, Bhutan is a real definition of pristine beauty. In this article, we are going to guide you on how to start planning a trip to Bhutan, what to expect and how to know the best Bhutan travel hotels.

Appropriate time

Before travelling to Bhutan, you need to understand the most appropriate time to travel. Most people identify with the period of March to April and October to November as the best times to capture the scenic views of Bhutan. To get the best out of your Bhutan travel trip, we advise that you book your hotel three months prior the visit day. There are many Bhutan travel hotels that offer good packages that suits a budget traveler, backpackers or luxurious travelers.

Festival timing

Most people who …

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